Dropshipping Mistakes | 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Dropshipping Business

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping Mistakes :

Selling other people’s goods and making money out of it sure does sound like something everyone would want to try their hands at. That’s the beauty of fulfillment services & dropshipping. For beginners, Dropshipping business is a fulfillment method wherein the stocks that have to be sold are not physically present in the store, instead they are purchased from a third-party supplier.

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    Dropshippers act as middlemen between buyers and third-party retailers and make a good amount of commission with every sale. With minimal investment required, dropshipping sounds like a hot take to begin with. But is it that easy to get on with? Sure it can be. Although there are a few dropshipping mistakes that can be a hurdle in the process.

    Following are 10 Dropshipping Mistakes one should definitely avoid when starting a business.

    1- Having impractical expectations

    The dropshipping model sounds so convincing and easy that people start on with a belief that it will help them quit their 9-5 jobs and master the e-commerce field. But to be realistic, it’s not that easy. To sell a product, one needs to know how to market a product, select a niche and have a research and development approach. It is a slow process to understand the market and competition your product has. This is one of the main dropshipping mistakes that one makes as a beginner. Hence, it is always advisable to lower your expectations initially and naturally grow with developing your skills.

    2- Mishandling of damaged items

    There is always a possibility that a customer may receive a defective or damaged product. This creates a negative impact on the brand name but what is more important is the action taken next to restore the customer’s faith. It is essential to make the customer feel accommodated with a quick and easy solution to their problems.

    3- Shipping Costs

    Having multiple shipping cost as per location will certainly help in raising your profit margin, but it can be confusing for the customer. While starting on, it is advised to have a flat shipping rate as it will make things easier for the customer to plan their purchase and also help in a hassle-free delivery.

    4- Relying too much on one supplier

    It is very important to build an understanding relationship with your supplier as they are the main source of your product. Although there will be occasions where they fail to meet the requirements on time which will again affect your business. It is important to rely on multiple suppliers for your orders to avoid any such scenarios. If having multiple suppliers is a challenge then it is always advisable to enter into a contract with one supplier and build a good relationship.

    5- Not optimizing your store

    SEO can be that trick that puts a business ahead of its competition, though it is a deal-breaker for many due to extra costs and time. It’s essential to take advantage of SEO to optimize your store and make it stand out in the long run. Quality content with a good level of optimization and ads will help a business reach a wider target audience and this process should not be skipped.

    6- Picking the wrong niche

    Before starting a business, it is very important to study the market and understand how the products you have chosen work. It is advised to list down a few niches that you are interested in and have a fair knowledge about them. Pick the one which can offer a better profit margin and has less competition. Even if it does not work, the other options are ready without much research needed. Avoid niches that do not offer any value.

    7- Not considering the holidays

    Every business is about looking for opportunities to make a sale and holidays are the best time to make one. Missing out on them would be a huge setback in taking your business to the next level. Take advantage of the holidays depending on the target area for your business. And plan ahead, mark the dates and make sure the product is stocked up for that period.

    8- Ignoring customer feedback

    As the saying goes, the customer is king and their verdict is final. The main priority for any business should be maximum customer satisfaction. Although you are not the supplier of the product, to the customers, it is your brand. Ignoring feedback and reviews will result in loss of credibility and tarnish the brand image. Always follow up on these comments and pass on the message to the supplier. So they can make the necessary changes that will not impact the business in the long run.

    9- Unattractive website design

    Before viewing the product, your website leaves the first impression on the customer, hence it is really important to have an attractive website that goes along with your niche. Websites need to look original and genuine so that a customer trusts your product. Many dropshipping businesses fail because of their untidy website and you don’t want to be one of them.

    10- Giving up too early

    With starting a business, comes along all the risks included with it. Dropshipping is no different. There are risks involved and it is a slow procedure. With so many competitors around, it takes time to make your name in the market. Many fail the test of time but a business will only succeed if the right decision is taken with the most important quality that is patience. Change strategies, look for different opportunities, build a new target audience but do not give up too early.

    Dropshipping can be a great side hustle and one day it might even turn out to be your main business, but make sure you avoid the above-stated mistakes that beginners make. Don’t give up soon and Goo luck.

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