Best Dropshipping Products In 2021 | How You Can Find Winning Products?

Best dropshipping products 2021: The beauty of dropshipping is that you can make a good amount of profit with just one product. Along with this, if you manage to make more than one product available to you for your business then there’s no going back.

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    How does dropshipping work?

    Dropshipping is an E-Commerce business model wherein the store does not keep the product that it sells in stock. Rather, they outsource it to a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer once an order is placed. In the dropshipping model, one has to have an online store wherein they can  display the products of a third-party supplier. This product will be showcased at a higher price than the actual cost of the product. The difference is the profit that a dropshipper makes.

    Measuring demand for your product.

    The following ways can be observed to measure the demand for your product

    • Observe search trends on google keyword tool and google trends. This will give you realistic data on how many times the product has been searched online.
    • Performing a test google adwords campaign will give you realistic data on how the product is performing in the market.
    • One of the major ways to test the demand of your product is to analyse your close competitors. This will help you figure out what they are selling and how they are creating a demand for your product in the market. 
    • Taking pre-orders will help you create a slight demand for your product and bring in traffic to your website making it more visible once you can start out on full-fledged marketing.

    List Of 10 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online in 2021.

    Dropshipping business model is trending ever since the pandemic as  people have started looking for new options to earn money. In 2021, these dropshipping products have been selling like hot cakes:

    • Fitness Tracker
    • Yoga mats
    • Rice Cooker 
    • Dog products
    • Watches 
    • Men Grooming Products 
    • Tripods and Camera accessories 
    • Drones 
    • Lifestyle products
    • Beauty and health products

    Measuring competition for your product.

    It’s always healthy to keep an eye out towards the competitors of your product which in return helps you to forecast trend changes and strategies to your advantage. To identify the competition for your product, list down both primary and secondary competitors on a spreadsheet. Once you have identified your competitors, use tools like similarweb, SEMrush and Ahrefs to analyze their key traffic sources. Tools like Buzzsumo and Mailcharts can give you an insight to your competitors’ top performing content and email marketing respectively.

    What is a winning product?

    A winning product is something that sells like hotcakes. A product that once it’s in the market will guarantee a profit and huge number of customers. Is it easy to find winning products? Yes. But what’s difficult is to find it at the right time and place. If a product is doing extremely well in the market, there will be lots of businessmen who would look to take advantage of the opportunity and start selling those products. Competition can make or break your business, and in the case of winning products, it’s a matter of choosing the right product after considering various factors.

    How to find winning products for dropshipping 2021

    1. Not easily available in the market:

    Best dropshipping products that are easily available in the market will not make a huge difference to your business. There is no uniqueness about the product if it’s easily available. Instead, the product should be practical, trigger the impulsive audience and still not be easily available elsewhere.

    2. Should be easily Advertised

    The product you choose should not have any advertising restrictions. Advertisement plays a major role in reaching a wider target audience and making more sales. Products should be easily advertised without falling into any legal trouble. Products such as tobacco, adult content, prohibited items, etc will land you in trouble. Hence, it is really important to read the policies of platforms you will require to advertise your products on.

    3. The Wow factor

    The wow factor is the feeling of amusement when you see a product and straightaway feel like buying it. The product should have the right appeal that makes audiences want it at any cost.

    4. Should solve a problem

    Every product sold online is a solution to the problem. What’s important is to identify the problem. Once you know what the problem is, choose the product that will solve the problem. People are attracted to products that make their lives easier.

    Now once that you have understood what a dropshipping winning products is and how to identify one

    Let’s dive into How you can find winning products to dropship or Best Dropshipping Products.

    5. Amazon Best-Seller Listings:

    This shall not come as a surprise to many. Amazon Best Seller category lets you dive into all kinds of products that are trending and the site is updated every hour, allowing you to take an estimate of the products that are unique and perfect for your business. You can easily find any product metrics on amazon and use those metrics to strategize your product price and location that will put you one step ahead of Amazon’s price.

    6. eBay Watch Count:

    eBay might not have the same audiences as Amazon does but it is still considered as one of the best platforms to buy and sell products. The Watch count offers a similar advantage as the Amazon Best Seller list. You can type in the keyword of the nature of any product and it will list down which have been waitlisted by consumers the most and have many reviews. There’s another option known as “What’s Hot on eBay?” under which you can find lots of products of different kinds that are trending among eBay users.

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    7. Wish’s Winning Products:

    Another online retailer, who publicizes their most popular products on their website is Wish. The products listed on their websites are different from the other famous online retailers and the audience interactions with the products through selling numbers and reviews. While going through the best-selling list, make sure you keep your eyes open for products that will attract an impulse buy from the customers. Products that are colorful to the eye, have an emotional touch or products that are common but have a unique or different design. The products will definitely be a game-changer for your business.

    8. Competitor Analysis:          

    A shortcut to find winning products is to do an effective competitor analysis. Keep an eye for the ads they are running as ads will be run for products that are doing good for them. If you are unable to find the exact same product, try to study their product collection and patterns of their best-selling products. Analysis of which product is having more user engagement through their social media channels and website reviews. These metrics will help you enter the market with a similar product at a lesser price.

    9. Google Trends:

    This is one of the easy ways to find a winning product. When you search for a product on google trends, It gives you an analysis of the words typed in different parts of the country.

    This analysis will help you study the trends of different products in different countries which will come in handy in deciding the target audience as well.

    Researching and analyzing will help you find the best winning product for your dropshipping business. Always keep your eyes open and look for opportunities and resources that you can exploit to your advantage. Whenever in doubt, go old-school with google and understand the market for the chosen product.

    If you have got any queries regarding best dropshipping products and how you can take your dropshipping business to the next level, please drop in your queries in the comments section. We are happy to help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Dropshipping still Profitable in 2021?

    The simple answer is yes. Dropshipping is a low risk and easy to set up business model and is very much profitable in 2021. But this depends on various other factors that include, selecting the right product and merchant, selecting a fulfillment service, abrupt marketing and post sale activities.

    What products are high in demand in 2021?

    Due to the pandemic, online shopping has seen a boom in the sales of PPE Kits, exercise bands, yoga and pilates mats, Bicycles, beauty products , tea products, etc. Quarantine has led to high demand for beauty and wellness products of both men and women.

    How do you find best winning products for dropshipping?

    There are various methods and sites that you can keep a watch on to find the best winning product for your dropshipping store:
    1 Competitor Analysis
    2 Amazon Best-Seller Listings
    3- eBay Watch Count
    4- Google Trends

    Best dropshipping products?

    1. Health and personal care
    2. Wardrobe and accessories
    3. Kitchen and grocery
    4. Home and bedroom
    5. Office products
    6. Tools and home improvement
    7. Camera and cellphone accessories
    8. Gaming
    9. Car accessories


    At the end of the day, dropshipping like any other business model only works if you identify a need and demand among customers and offer a solution to it. Proper planning from selection of niche products, analyzing competitors, optimizing your store, marketing & customer service is required for you to make money through dropshipping.

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