Best Practices To Build A Profitable Dropshipping Business On Shopify

Dropshipping with Shopify

Profitable Dropshipping Business: Entering the E-commerce world has never been easier and exciting with the introduction of dropshipping business. If you’re someone who wants to enter the E-commerce market without the hassle of manufacturing, storing, packaging and shipping, then dropshipping is the business for you.

With no stocks to store and no products to pack, it gives you ample time to focus on the other aspects of your business such as marketing your products, focusing on sales, using proper digital marketing techniques, and customer service.

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    Thanks to Shopify, starting a profitable dropshipping Business is relatively easy.

    What is Shopify?

    Shopify is an E-commerce platform that allows you to set up an online business store within a matter of days. The process of setting up a business store is really simple and there are plenty of tutorials and guides available on the site to assist you with all the requirements.

    Shopify works on a monthly subscription basis which is suitable for small business owners.

    Why choose Shopify for Dropshipping?

    1. Shopify is Dropshipping friendly

    Shopify supports and encourages dropshipping as a business model and the platform hosts various features for a smooth operation of this fulfillment service.

    2. Shopify is home to a vast range of design features

    Shopify is a host of design features that allow you to optimize your online store with aesthetic looks and give it a rich feel. There is a selection of free and paid templates from which you can choose from along with various other features that will help you in handling your marketing, sales, and payment more easily and efficiently.

    3. Shopify is easy to use

    The Shopify interface is user-friendly and comfortable for beginners to use. The features are in abundance and are explained in detail with tutorials that are easy to follow. Shopify does a great job in explaining to the users how to use their software and in addition it also has the feature of adding multiple users to a store, which is helpful once the business starts to grow.

    Shopify is the most popular and user-friendly platform when it comes to dropshipping making it an easy choice.

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    The best practices to build a profitable dropshipping business on Shopify:

    1. Start with a free trial:

    Before taking the big step, it is always recommended to use the trial version of the platform to try and understand the basics. The 14-day free trial helps you set up the store and get familiar with the interface. All the changes made in the trial period will be retained when you convert your plan to a paid one.

    2. Select a theme and customize:

    Selecting a relevant theme that goes well with your product is really important. There are plenty of templates to choose from that will give your store an overall look and appeal. Once you have selected your theme, you will need to customize it in a way in which your product will stand out.

    3. Take advantage of Shopify apps:

    Just like any other apps, Shopify apps are designed to make your life easier. They help in increasing the functionality of your store without any hassle. These apps are basically downloadable software that helps you customize your page more efficiently.

    4. Product optimization:

    The next step is to add your products along with the product details. The details include,

    Title and Description: The title of the product must be the product explained in the shortest way possible followed by a description that will help the customers understand how it will be a solution to them rather than just describing the features of the product.

    Product images: the product image is the main selling point of a business and it should be treated with utmost care. The images should be crisp and matching the real product. Make sure the resolutions and quality of the images are good so that it does not affect the credibility of your sales.

    Pricing: The pricing of your product should be clear and straightforward. The amount the customer will be paying should be the one mentioned in the store.

    Variants: In the variants column, you can add the different variants of your product which will help engage the customer more into your product by giving them more options to choose from.

    Meta title and description: This will be the title and description of your product that will be shown on the search engine page when someone searches for your product. Both the title and description should be able to explain the products in limited words that will make the customer click on them.

    5. Create essential pages on your store:

    For a good customer experience, three essential pages are required to win the customer’s confidence in your store. These include,

    About us page:

    This page will mention all the details about your store, why and when it was formed, what you aim to achieve with your product, and how it solves a problem. This is the page where to try to leave an everlasting impression about your store and will help build trust among the customers.

    Contact us page:

    This page will contain all the contact details of your store from where the customers can reach you for queries and feedback. The methods of contact should be feasible to all and prompt response should be given.

    Shipping policy page:

    The shipping policy page should mention the shipping details of your product, who and when a product is delivered, the location at which it is available to buy. If your product is sold internationally, then this page plays a huge role for your customers to understand the policies clearly.

    6. Payment gateway and testing

    Set up your payment gateway by filling out all the details on the product details box, configure the payment settings which are easy for the customer, and complete the account setup. Once done, place a test order which is a facility that is completely free on Shopify. This test order will help you understand if the setting of all the details on the store is customer-friendly and working fine.

    7. Search Engine Optimization

    SEO plays an important role in reaching new customers and targeting a wider audience. Optimization of URL structure, metadata, headings, body texts, alt tags, and keywords are necessary to have a good ranking in the search engine. Following these practices while setting up your Profitable Dropshipping Business on Shopify will definitely help your store to stand out from the rest and be more visible to the customers ensuring good sales and eventually increased profits.